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Forex Trading on a Mac or iMac

While Macs definitely have advantages over PC's in many categories, there are still times when a loyal Mac user gets left behind - often in regards to available software applications. Online forex trading is a prime example.

Although the availability of Mac/iMac forex platforms is currently not extensive, luckily the few that are Mac compatible are very good. We always like to recommend eToro for Mac users.

eToro provides you with everything you'll need to start trading forex currencies on your Mac product, and their platform is one of the best available online. Their software remains a favorite year after year with traders coming from all different levels of experience.

One of the best things about their Mac and iMac compatible forex software is that you don't have to download or install anything on your computer. All your forex trading, charts, and research takes place in a web browser (of note - they recommend using Firefox over Safari). Trading is quick, efficient, and super-easy.

What other options do I have, if any?

The only stable platform that currently runs on Apple software is eToro, but there are other available options. You'll need to run a Windows emulator on your Mac, but many Mac users may already have one installed - the most popular is Parallels.

While we still recommend as the #1 Mac compatible forex platform (even for users with Parallels), we can also safely recommend Easy-Forex or Forex Yard. Both are very good programs for trading forex online, and eToro has managed to simplify Forex trading down to a level that any newcomer will find easy to understand.

Is my Mac/iMac holding me back from trading forex online?

No, absolutely not! eToro is among the best platforms in the world for trading currencies, and it just so happens that they're also Mac friendly. You'll have full access to plenty of different currencies, full charting abilities, fast transactions, and everything else you'll need to start trading forex efficiently.

We'll be updating the site on a regular basis, as we've been hearing rumors of a couple popular online forex brokers that have already starting to code their own Mac/iMac versions of their bookmark this page and stay tuned! © 2012